Super Chain provides Consolidate shipment to all of our dropshipper :


Just a brief explanation on Consolidate shipment :


For example, your customer placed an order from you with 3 items, it is from 3 different Super Chain suppliers. What we can do for you is to consolidate the 3 parcels into 1 parcels, then it can save money and optimize the customer shopping experience.


The 3 parcels will ship to a logistics fulfillment center in Hong Kong :


  1. The Supplier will handle the local delivery process from their shop / office to the fulfillment center


  1. Once all products are arrived to the fulfillment center, then we will pack them into a single cartoon box and ship it to your customer


Why it matters? 


Most of the dropshippers are fail to explain to their customer, why they are shipping the parcel separately. The parcels need to be shipped separately as the suppliers are not working together and they work independently. So your customer is receiving parcels on day 15 , day 20 or day 30...


The consolidated shipment gives you only 1 tracking number for your customer to check and trace. As we ship from 1 location (Our Hong Kong Fulfillment center).


Tax or Duty

Super Chain and the suppliers will not be responsible for the import tax or duties occurred during the cross-border transportation.

The local custom department will contact the consignee / receiver of the parcel to pay duties.

If the customer refuse to pay the parcel will be returned and extra return shipping cost might be occurred.



The shipping method & time

Our shipping partners are Local Post office, DHL, Royal Mail, Yodel and Australia Post

We will suggest the best shipping carrier for your destination, based on the content of the product and location of the order.

We offer Free shipping to the following countries :

Australia : 5-9 working days

France : 4-7 working days

Germany : 5-9 working days

Indonesia : 9-13 working days

Malaysia : 7-10 working days

New Zealand : 6-8 working days

Philippines : 5-8 working days

Singapore : 5-7 working days

Switzerland : 5-7 working days

Thailand : 4-7 working days

United Kingdom : 4-6 working days

United States : 5-8 working days

*We do not fulfill orders for other countries.